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All Designer’s “Design”. Melanie’s approach is to incorporate her clients' wants, wishes and lifestyle into their spaces. She achieves this by listening, repeating back what they have requested for confirmation and then running with it.


The second area Melanie excels at is problem solving. “The best laid plans…….” We all know how that goes – not only in design, but in life, unplanned events arise. You need to be able to act quickly, revise and come up with a new solution to prevent wasted job site time and more importantly, loss of money. In the event that an issue does arise, Melanie will quietly problem solve with the appropriate trade and then present the solution to the client to prevent undo stress to the client.


Melanie will always advocate for the client. She will always do what is right for the client and not be pressured into making things “easier” if that is not the right solution.


Melanie believes Education is the cornerstone of any Profession. She is an accredited Interior Designer, Certified Master Kitchen and Bathroom Designer. A continued commitment to ongoing continuing education is a requirement for her certifications. Melanie is still pursuing further accreditations.


Experience is not anything you can buy or take a course to learn. It can only come over time and with EXPERIENCE. Having spent over 25 years working in the industry, Melanie is not short on experience. She knows what questions to ask and is able to foresee issues before they become a problem and endeavor to prevent them from happening.


From experience, comes the understanding of materials and their properties. Melanie was told by a cabinet maker that “she understands how wood works and then pushes the boundaries”.  Melanie believes this is how you can create unique, one of a kind designs.


Relationships with the best trades and suppliers equates to being able to collaborate with them to make the clients needs, wants and dreams come true. Melanie knows where to go and who to ask the appropriate questions in order to achieve something that has not been done before. This is key to creating unique designs.  



Melanie insists in being involved at every stage of the design process. This starts right at the planning phase to ensure walls are deep enough to accommodate millwork, site rough ins, material selections, site meetings with trades, site layouts, hanging light fixtures complete through to handle placement.  


Melanie brings an abundance of energy and limitless creativity to her work and designs. She is passionate about what she does, and it translates through into her work. All the details are what makes a cohesive, well thought out, well executed design that is a warm, welcoming pleasure to live in.


Melanie is not a trendy designer. She believes in using natural materials whenever possible to achieve this. Being conscientious of depleting natural materials, she is open to exploring many of the new advancements in technology and looking at alternative options when it aids and does not compromise the design or our natural resources.  


Melanie‘s belief is “THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION.”




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