2013 Home & Living Ultimate Kitchen Design

2009 Subzero / Wolf Kitchen Design

Contest Winner


Melanie Zarry, D.I.D., C.K.D., C.B.D.

President, Senior Designer

Working closely with her clients, Melanie Zarry brings an innovative, charming and inspiring approach to her design philosophy. She has been designing and creating beautiful living spaces in the Calgary area since 1995. Melanie started KAZA Design Group Inc. to show people that they can live in interesting and lovely spaces without compromising functionality and comfort.


"From creative perspective to practical use for their lifestyle, I want the end result to surprise and delight my clients. The greatest compliment I receive is when a client says, "This is so me, only better".


With an abundance of creative energy and her thoughtful approach to style and design, Melanie puts great emphasis on maintaining professionalism, adhering to a high standard of ethics and most importantly, seeing a project through to 100% completion - which translates to her client's 100% satisfaction.

KAZA Design Group Inc.

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