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Updated Bungalow Renovation for a young, active family. With an emphasis on modern farmhouse and combining  industrial vintage and modern first century accents, this home feels warm and inviting for limitless entertaining.

This home creates timeless elegance achieved through the use of natural materials of stone and wood. Different formats of marble were used to create the patterns which creates a quiet, understated, natural, modern beauty.

This Transitional Masterpiece exceeds words. Impressive use of timeless materials manipulated in a modern application create this Transitional retreat.  

This stunning home features use of timeless materials of stone, wood, glass and plants. These elements combined create a sense of indoor warmth in this Lower Level. 

French Bistro Chic. Old world Parisian elements such as a strie glaze, carved appliques, turned legs, brick, copper and stone bring to mind thoughts of sitting at a Cafe in Paris.

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